Veterinary Camp of University of Agriculture Peshawar
at Bannu for IDPs

The Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, the University of Agricutlure Peshwar has arranged a Veterinary Camp at Bannu for providing relief to the livestock of Internally Displaced Persons of North Waziristan. The Camp has been organized on advice of the Minister for Higher Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Prof Zahoor Swati, Vice Chancellor. Prof Dr M Subhan Qureshi, Dean is heading the team, with Dr Umer Sadique as Technical Supevisor and Dr Murad Ali as Coordinator. Dr Shoaib Sultan Afridi, Dr Samiullah, Dr Hashim, Dr Hamayun, Mr Lovaid Ali, Mr Javed, Veterinary Assistant will participate in the camp.

The camp will provide emergency treatment and First aid, Mass vaccination and record. Laboratory tests and Deworming, Ticks identification and control through acaricides sprays, Ultrosonography, pregnancy diagnosis and therapy, supplementation of essential elements and vitamins, Feed concentrates, wheat straw bales and silage, Urea molasses blocks and Survey on damages to livelihood support and small businesses.
Post operation rehabilitation will be supported with the main objective of providing livelihood support to the IDPs, through development of livestock resources as follows:
  • Protection of the livestock and poultry of IDPs through purchase and stocking at AMK Campus Mardan and utilization for rehabilitation and livelihood support to the IDPs, under an Endowment Fund (estimated fund Rs.200 million). It will also help in conservation and genetic improvement of local breeds. Nucleus breeding farms will be established at Amir Muhammad Khan Campus Mardan, to be used as a source of breeding animals and poultry. This will help in conservation and development of local/indigenous genetic resources. State Bank of Pakistan is considering this proposal and needs at higher level.
  • Calf/livestock Fattening will be supported for providing raw materials for the proposed Peshawar Meat Company, being jointly established by this University and the Local Government, Environment and Rural Development Department. An amount of Rs.200 millions has been allocated under the current ADP and the University would provide Academic and research support to this initiative, costing Rs.250 millions.
  • Human resource and skill development of IDPs through training on good practices in livestock and poultry health and production.
  • Cottage industry will be supported through value addition in milk, meat and by products, animal wool, hairs, hides, skins, etc.
  • Sheep, goats and poultry farming will be supported through best available breeds and best practices. Comparative strengths of local, and upgraded breeds in production of food and self employment
  • The Business Facilitation Desk of the Dairy Science Park will be utilized for developing business models utilizing local breeds and varieties of livestock and poultry. The Endowment Fund will be provided for replicating such models mentioned above.
  • Fodder and ranges management programs at the affected regions by introduction of improved varieties and preservation practices
  • Control on zoonotic and trans-boundary diseases
Prof M Subhan Qureshi
Dean FAHVS/Chief Organizer DSP, UA Pesahwar
Mob: 0300 587 7933; Email:
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