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The Library, in its beautiful new complex, is one of the best in the province. It is the center for intellectual pursuits on campus. Its mission is to provide the latest and most relevant knowledge available together with helpful, friendly service. Users include teachers, students, researchers, extension workers, farmers, policymakers, and the general public. Available for their use are books, periodicals, gray literature, and publications of national and international institutions, organizations and govt. departments. Traditional services and computers for searching local and online databases and agricultural databases on CD-ROM, and photocopying facilities combine have made it a modern, state-of-the-art library.

Library Collection
The Library is considered the center of intellectual resources of the University. The University of Agriculture, Peshawar's Library has witnessed a tremendous growth, both in terms of increased size and use of its collection. It receives publications on reciprocal basis from organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. At present the library has a total collection of 1,13600.

S.No Details Total G.Total
1. Books 1,13,600
2. Journals ---
Journals subscribed (Foreign) 19 ---
Journals subscribed (Local) 9 ---
Journals received through exchange (SJA) (Local) 25 ---
Journals received through exchange (SJA) (Foreign) 3 ---
Gifted journals (Local) 26 ---
Gifted journals (Foreign) 20 ---
Total 102
3. Journals on Microfilms 13
Journals on Microform 11490
4. Newspapers 8

Library Sections

1. Acquisition Section
This section is responsible for the procurement/purchase of new books and other publications published in Pakistan and other countries. Books, etc. are selected by the Faculty Members with the consultation of the Chairman concerned department and sent to the Librarian for procurement. The order is placed for these books with the books vendors/firms in Pakistan upon the availability of funds.

2. Cataloguing and Classification Section
This section catalogs and classifies new books. Bibliographic sheets are prepared for each book for entry in the AULIB database and books are properly labeled and arranged subject-wise on the shelves for the convenient use of the library community.

3. Circulation Section
This section plays an important role as a liaison between the library users and the staff of the Library. It is considered the heart of the Library because it functions like a heart does in a body. It circulates books among the members of the Library.

4. Exchange of Publications Section
This section is mainly responsible for obtaining research publications and scientific journals from national and international organizations in exchange of Sarhad Journal of Agriculture (SJA), a recognized journal of KPK-AU.

5. Literature Search Section
This section facilitates the use of online and local databases available for use to the patrons of AU Library. A large number of undergraduate and post-graduate students and faculty members are being benefited from this facility. They are fully assisted by the Library Staff in searching scientific information require in their study, research and teachings respectively.

6. Readers Advisory Section
This section is helping the students and faculty members in using the Library own collection as well as provides technical help to them in using the online databases and explains to them the searching techniques for using the library resources and online databases.

7. Reference Section
This section contains at least two copies of unavailable books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, maps, theses, scientific periodicals, yearbooks and annual reports.

8. Serials (Journals) Section
This section is responsible for the procurement of journals, magazines and exchange of publications with national and international agencies and institutions.

The Library serves 5 faculties, 21 teaching departments, 170 faculty members, 2600 students and 338 research scholars of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agriculture system. In addition, library staff provides services to the community of sister Universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its affiliated colleges and other institutions engaged in agricultural research.
Some significant services provide by AU Library to its readers are:

1. Current content service
The Library has maintained the profile of all the AU faculty members containing both their email and postal addresses and names of journals in which they are interested. The contents of these journals are distributed among the faculty members upon receiving in the library. They are asked to select article(s) of their choice and the photocopies of selected article(s) are furnished to them upon request. We have provided some 408 articles comprising of 4126 pages during the last 3 years.

2. Distribution of New List of Books
A computer generated list titled "New Books in the AU Library" is sent to the faculty members to keep them aware of the new publications in the AU Library. We also send it to other institutions within the country.

3. Circulation Services (Issue & Receipt)
Circulation is one of the most important functions of all types of libraries. One of the senior Librarians and two ministerial staff control the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa AU Library Circulation Department. According to one estimate, some 11,907-library materials were checked-out and the patrons returned 11,666 every year. This section maintains the record of registration of borrowers, lending of books, maintaining loan records, identification of books and borrowers, maintaining loan statistics, issuing reminders to borrowers for overdue books and recovery from borrowers for lost or damaged materials, etc.

4. Reference services
AU Library provides services of reference nature, which includes books, theses, reports, agricultural statistics, population census, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals on microfiche projectors, audio services, newspapers, magazines, atlases, yearbooks etc.

Databases Available for Searching
The introduction of computers in libraries has enhanced the storage, retrieval and manipulation of information. Keeping this new scenario, it was decided to computerize the library activities. Since then the following Databases of the Library are available for searching on computers:

Local Database
The University of Agriculture, Peshawar's Library Database (UAPLIB)
The University of Agriculture, Peshawar's Library Database (AULIB) contains bibliographic information on books, documents and theses housed in the library. This Database can be searched by subject, geographical area, title, author, year of publication etc.

Databases on CD-ROM
The CD-ROM is a suitable information medium for developing countries to fulfill their information needs. Under USAID funded project TIPAN, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa AU Library acquired CABI Database from Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux, UK ; AGRICOLA of National Agriculture Library, USA on CD-ROM.
This service was further strengthened in April 1992 when the AU Library received under the MART project four additional bibliographic databases such as AGRIS; ERIC; McGraw-Hill Science and Technical Reference Set; Dissertation Abstracts from SilverPlatter; the Food Science full text and Compton 's Family Encyclopedia. During 2004, some 1,33,093 references were provided to the library users. Out of the total searches, 85.33% is from KPK Agricultural University , Peshawar , 5.02% from Research System, 7.34% from University of Peshawar and 2.32% from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).

1. CABI The Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux International
(CABI) Database is available on CD-ROM disks from 1984 to 2001. It is high quality, selective and the world's leading research database, covering materials published on agriculture, forestry and related areas of applied biology, sociology, and economics engineering the medicines. Its focus is on literature publish in Commonwealth member countries.

The Agriculture Online Access, is a public domain database, available on CD-ROM from 1970 to 1992. It provides access to journal articles, chapters in books, monographs in series, USDA and other government publications and conference proceedings, etc. It analyzes about 6,000 periodicals and other publications in 44 languages for indexing in the database. It focuses on indexing Agricultural literature published in USA

3. AGRIS Database
The International Information System for Agricultural Science and Technology (AGRIS) Database is produced by FAO from 1986 to 1992. It contains information on various aspects of food and agriculture published anywhere in the world. Our country Pakistan is one of the 135 member countries contributing to this database. It is available on CD-ROM since 1986.

The Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC), a public domain database, indexes journals and technical literature in the field of education available from 1966 to 1992.

5. Dissertation Abstracts
This database provides bibliographic citations with abstracts of Doctorate (Ph.D) dissertations and some master theses completed at North American Colleges and Universities. It covers many disciplines including arts, education, social sciences, religion and theology, biological sciences, health and environmental sciences and physical sciences.

Library Education
The AU Library arranges seminars, Lectures and Counseling for faculty members and students to educate them about the use of library collection.

Digital Library Programme
To increase the access to scientific literature for institutions in Pakistan , the Higher Education Commission has launched a Digital Library Program. The AU have accessed to a huge amount of research and scientific information available online in E-Journals and publications form.

The following Sites / Databases are available through HEC Digital Library Program.

The University of Agriculture, Peshawar Library Database (UAPLIB)
The University of Agriculture, Peshawar Library Database (UAPLIB) contains bibliographic information on books, documents and theses housed in the library. This Database can be searched by subject, geographical area, title, author, year of publication etc.

Blackwell Science Publishers:
OUP (Oxford University Press):
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
RSC Journals

Search Engines and Free Online Sites


In addition to these sites, a comprehensive list of a Directory of Free useful Sites is also given as Annexue-1 for the use of AU Library Community. These sites are supplying full-text information in all disciplines without charging any amount.

Phone #
Email Address
Professional Staff
Farid Ullah Shah Mian
Associate Librarian
+92 91 9216572-8 Ext: 3120
+92 333 9188162
Inayat Khan Khalil
Associate Librarian
Acquisition, Cataloguing and Classification
+92 91 9216572-8 Ext: 3170
+92 333 5019824
Mr. Rahim Dad
Associate Librarian
Acquisition, Database Management Digital Library
+92 91 9216572-8 Ext: 3170
Darvesh Khan
Senior Classifier
Periodical Section
+92 91 9216572-8 Ext: 3118
v )
Abdur Rehman
Senior Classifier
Periodical Section
Ministerial Staff
Library Attendants
Library Regulations
Regulations framed under Chapter-V Section 21(1)(L) of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University, Peshawar Ordinance 1981, herein after called Agricultural University Library Regulations


The Vice Chancellor, Agricultural University, Peshawar.

The Librarian of the Agricultural University Peshawar Library.

Faculty Members
The Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Lecturers, Farm Managers and Research Specialists employed by the University on whole time basis for teaching at the University and such other persons as may be recognized to be teachers by the Syndicate.

The Main Library of Agricultural University Peshawar and the Departmental Libraries.

Property includes all moveable and immovable properties of Library.

Services mean the procurement and provision of reading materials, references and literature search by direct or indirect means.

Inter Library Loan
Giving or taking of books, journals, theses and other reading materials on loan to and from other libraries or agencies.

Volume each copy of a book, a periodical, a journal and any other printed and non-printed materials.

Library Hours
The Library shall remain open according to the working hours determined by the University from time to time.

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