Library Collection:

The Library is considered the center of intellectual resources of the University. The University of Agriculture, Peshawar's Library has witnessed a tremendous growth, both in terms of increased size and use of its collection. It receives publications on reciprocal basis from organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. At present the library has a total collection of 1,13600.

S.No  Details Total G.Total
1.  Books 1,13,600
2.  Journals ---
 Journals subscribed (Foreign) 19 ---
 Journals subscribed (Local) 9 ---
 Journals received through exchange (SJA) (Local) 25 ---
 Journals received through exchange (SJA) (Foreign) 3 ---
 Gifted journals (Local) 26 ---
 Gifted journals (Foreign) 20 ---
 Total 102
3.  Journals on Microfilms 13
 Journals on Microform 11490
4.  Newspapers 8