Working Staff Faculty of Crop Production Sciences

Name Designation Details
Arshad Pervez Office Superintendent Arshad Pervez
Muqarab Khan Lab. Superintendent Muqarab Khan
Noor ul Basar Office Assistant Noor ul Basar
Tahir Shah Office Superintendent Tahir Shah
Mr. Shahzeb Jr. Lab Assistant Mr. Shahzeb
Rooh ul Amin Superintendent Rooh ul Amin
Ihsan Ullah Superintendent Ihsan Ullah
Fazali Mehmood Lab Assistant Fazali Mehmood
Imran Ullah Office / Lab Assistant Imran Ullah
Gul Muhammad Driver Gul Muhammad
Shahid Khan Junior Clerk Shahid Khan
Muhammad Yousaf Chowkidar Muhammad Yousaf
Haji Gul Peon Haji Gul
Inamullah Mali Inamullah
Sajid Khan Mali Sajid Khan
Muhammad Nasir Mali Muhammad Nasir
Said ur Rehman Mali Said ur Rehman
Ghazan Khan Mali Ghazan Khan
Nazir Khan Mali Nazir Khan
Muhammad Zada Mali Muhammad Zada
Asmat Ullah Mali Asmat Ullah
Raz Muhammad Mali Raz Muhammad
Sanab Gul Mali Sanab Gul
Dalasa Khan Mali Dalasa Khan
Gul Mast Khan Mali Gul Mast Khan
Hidayat Ullah Khan Mali Hidayat Ullah Khan
Qasim Khan Mali Qasim Khan
Aurang Zeb Mali Aurang Zeb
Sham Shad Mali Sham Shad
Ali Rehman Mali Ali Rehman
Janis Khan Mali Janis Khan
Wali khan Mali Wali khan
Muhabat Khan Mali Muhabat Khan
Faiz Ullah Mali Faiz Ullah
Walayat Khan Mali Walayat Khan
Sohail Khan Mali Sohail Khan
Akhtar Hussain Mali Akhtar Hussain
Arshad Khan Mali Arshad Khan
Jangir Khan Mali Jangir Khan
Qudrat Ullah Mali Qudrat Ullah
Azam Khan Mali Azam Khan
Samin Mali Samin
Muhammad Yousaf Mali Muhammad Yousaf
Alamgir Khan Mali Alamgir Khan
Muhammad Jan Mali Muhammad Jan
Ehtesham Ul Haq Senior Lab. Assistant Ehtesham Ul Haq
Sami Ullah Mali Sami Ullah
Muhammad Shakeel Mali Muhammad Shakeel
Habib Ur Rehman Mali Habib Ur Rehman
Shah Rukh Mali Shah Rukh
Rahid Gul Mali Rahid Gul
Sajjad Ali Mali Sajjad Ali
Ibni Amin Mali Ibni Amin
Khalid Khan Mali Khalid Khan
Zahid Ullah Mali Zahid Ullah
Bakht Afsir Mali Bakht Afsir
Fahim Ullah Mali Fahim Ullah
Muhammad Pervez Mali Muhammad Pervez
Sher Muhammad Mali Sher Muhammad
Said Nasir Ali Shah Mali Said Nasir Ali Shah
Zahid Khan Mali Zahid Khan
Musam Khan Mali Musam Khan
Asad Ullah Mali Asad Ullah
Jan Haleem Mali Jan Haleem
Ghani Khan Mali Ghani Khan
Tauheed Ali Farm Supervisor Tauheed Ali
Sami Ullah Mali Sami Ullah
Wajid Ali Mali Wajid Ali
Salahuddin Ahmad Lab Superintendent Salahuddin Ahmad
Nazif-ur-Rahman Lab Superintendent Nazif-ur-Rahman
Nabi Ullah Lab Superintendent Nabi Ullah
Masal Khan Lab Superintendent Masal Khan
Hassan Muhammad Senior Lab Assistant Hassan Muhammad
Saifullah Junior Lab Assistant Saifullah
Khyber Khan Junior Lab Assistant Khyber Khan
Muhammad Shaheen Senior clerk Muhammad Shaheen
Waheed Khan Driver Waheed Khan
Miskeen Khan Driver Miskeen Khan
Haidar Ali Lab Attendent Haidar Ali
Hashim Ali Lab Attendent (Rtd) Hashim Ali
Ghani Ullah Mali Ghani Ullah
Ziarat Gul Mali Ziarat Gul
Shafi Ullah Mali Shafi Ullah
Gul Zameen Mali Gul Zameen
Muhammad Ismail Junior Lab Assistant Muhammad Ismail
Fazal Dad Junior Lab. Assistant Fazal Dad
Essa Khan Naib Qasid Essa Khan
Mr. Muhammad Bilal Mali Mr. Muhammad Bilal

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