Department of Human Nutrition
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Department of Human Nutrition
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Faculty of Nutrition Sciences
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The Department of Human Nutrition was established in 1998, with the mission to impart quality education to students to undertake research in promoting health and nutrition of the population. It also aims to tackle the nutrition problems of the country through problem oriented research and nutritional programme. The scope of the Department includes promoting food security by increasing mass awareness through nutrition education and preventing malnutrition by conducting applied research activities. Though quality education, the Department is producing skilled graduates who play a vital role in reducing nutritional problems at the level of community and clinical settings.
In addition, the department has been offering courses and research methodologies related to overall health improvement in malnutrition, macro-micro nutrient deficiency maternal, child, infant mortality, food security pre-and post surgery nutrition both in clinic and hospital etc. leading to B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc (Hons) degrees. This department is also offering ad advanced courses and research guidance to Ph.D scholars.
In the past 35-years, the department has produced more that 200 well trained graduates, who have been serving various organizations at provincial, national and international levels. Since its inception, the Department has produced a number of gold medalist and other academi9c distinction holders. The department is also collaborating with other national and international research organizations to meet the requirements of the graduate students specially Ph.D students.
Besides teaching, the department is also helping the health department KPK, Federal Health Ministry, Nutritional planning Cell Islamabad, UNICEF, WHO, FAO and different NGOs. The major emphasis of this department is bringing improvement in overall health of the population. The Department has highly qualified and experienced faculty, well equipped laboratory. The main focus of this institute is to produce nutrition qualified people to help the general masses and industry to improve the nutritional status of community and production of quality food.
Department of Human Nutrition
Office Phone: +92 91 9216853
Fax: +92 91 9221262
Mobile: +92 346 5644996
Mailing Address: Department of Human Nutrition, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar, 25130, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

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