Training on Zoonotic Diseases

A training on zoonotic diseases arranged by this University with the cooperation of Relief International Pakistan, ended yesterday in Peshawar. It was a three weeks training program participated by civil society workers of Swabi region, covering various aspects of zoonotic diseases, communicable from animals to human beings through utilization of animals and poultry products, contact with animals and by products and even aerosol transmission up to very far flung areas. Such diseases, on one hand put the health status of local consumers at risk and on the other, it reduced productivity of animals and bans the international transportation of animals and their products. Prof M Subhan Qureshi was Cheif Guest of the concluding session,accompanied by Dr Sohail Akhtar, Dr Sarzamin, Dr Umer Sadique, Dr Nazir Jr and staff members. Relief International Paksitan was represented by Dr Atta ur Rahman, Dr Aziz and their staff. Participants included 27 community workers from Swabi Region.

Agricultural University Peshawar and Relief International Pakistan are working together to combat and eradicate such diseases through a well organized mechanism covered under a memorandum of understanding. Postgraduate studies are sponsored under the program to investigate the pathogenic, epidemiology, communication pattern, economics and therapeutic aspects of the diseases. An information resource center will maintain local information, research findings and international data on zoonotic diseases for the researchers, students. community workers and general public. A disease investigation laboratory supported by the existing research and diagnostic setup of the Animal Health Department will contribute for generating new information. Training of the community workers is another features of this program. A model meat shop is being established to demonstrate hygienic meat production, storage and marketing.

The two organizations, with the cooperation of the provincial governemtn departments of livestock and and human health services are looking for a clean food production of livestock origin, capable of benefiting the health of the people of Pakistan and supporting the national economy through livestock exports.

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